Against same sex marriage yahoo answers in Torquay

Dirtlawyer1 talk3 June UTC. The two 1 to 1s were there, they started having a go at me because I never liked them and told them how rubbish they were. Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions after all. The term marriage originates in the Bible as a union between a man and a woman, and laws should not be based on religion.

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After a person accepts the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, they are transformed and made a new creature in Christ 2 Corinthians Please do not say any arguments I have mentioned here. Ann Lv 4. Despite being a sin, they are not here to hurt anyone and that is why despite believing a sin I accept that.

Once you start using religious arguments, you might as well start changing other laws to become congruent with christian beliefs outlaw atheism, masturbation, false idols, gossip, etc - and thus become a theocracy. In favor. I think religious-based marriages shouldn't have anything to do with the government, it should only be about legalities you should establish that with a church or minister or Christian association.

Consequently, it should not be practiced among christians. It's letting religion stand in the way.

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Is there gender bias in the child protection services and the Courts in child-related proceedings.?. My comment was constructive in that it was an attempt to explain to readers why the system can be inhumane. I have a friend who her children are currently on a Cp plan due to the father having mental health problems.

My parliament diagram tool is now being used regularly to create diagrams which are used in Wikipedia articles.

  • I am entirely for same sex marriage and gay civil rights make no doubt about that. I know the arguments for same sex marriage.
  • If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible then you know it is against gods law why do you think he made an Adam and Eve "not an Adam and an Adam "or an Eve and an Eve. Not all religions are against homosexuals, homosexuality and gay marriage, christianity is not against homosexuals, homosexuality and gay marriage, God loves homosexuals, homosexuality and gay marriage, God is Pro-Gay.
  • I am taking sort of a poll to see what types of people are for or against same sex marriage.
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I live on a daily basis of stress and worry. I assume the court has found that you are stopping the child from seeing the father and this will cause the child emotional harm. These databases were searched using the search strategy with keywords described in Table 1. My Nan was a Nurse so I know what I am doing.

If you did find hard facts, how long do you think it would be before you found yourself faced with a fabricated allegation, or your family targeted?

Against same sex marriage yahoo answers in Torquay

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  • there shouldnt be any gay marriages. i'm not a gay basher but a man and woman can only get married. i'm against gay marriage. the divocre rate will sure sky. › free-law-essays › family-law › gay-marriage-.
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  • Many people blame the media for the idea of same sex marriages but There are kids in schools today with homosexual parents, and it does not http://​ “Regardless of why I'm against gay marriage, it's still wrong for the teacher of a class to completely discredit one person's opinion when they.
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