Baby sex by heartbeat in Sault Ste Marie

It was not an easy time as both boys were hooked up to several monitors and feeding tubes. To further add to my problems, surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst would delay any effort to become a parent for another six months. They suffered from jaundice and were at great risk of getting RSV, a respiratory virus that can be deadly for preterm babies.

As the Christmas season approaches and I prepare to celebrate the Holidays with my family, I am mindful of the gift God sent the world more than 2, years ago with the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. At 34, I knew women who fell into both categories, but I was not yet ready to give up and consider adoption.

It also meant that I had to move to the Sault in the new year in case the twins decided to come early as the Wawa hospital was not equipped to handle a double birth.

My sons, Mathew and Michael, were born on Dec. It was not an easy time as both boys were hooked up to several monitors and feeding tubes. Mathew and Michael were so tiny, that at 18 days old, they were able to fit inside the stocking, the edge of the socks coming up to their chest.

After two miscarriages, my hopes of becoming a mother were beginning to fade.

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In early December, at 31 weeks, I travelled to Sault Ste. Another dose of antacid medication took away the pain, but blood work was conducted and I remained in the hospital overnight for observation. Because Sometimes it takes a village. In Maymy husband, Colin, and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, but it also meant two years of failed attempts at trying to have a child.

They underwent brain scans and daily lab work. On Feb.

  • The physical stress of pregnancy can lead to a great deal of discomfort.
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Living in Wawa at the time meant travelling to Sault Ste. Event Barbara Murtagh May 10, Surrogacy , surrogacy agency , canadian surrogacy agencies , canadian surrogacy , surrogacy in canada , Surrogate Blog , gallery , become a surrogate Comment.

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Baby sex by heartbeat in Sault Ste Marie

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