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Tuesday, Jan. If a handful of folks I trust are saying so, then I will be there. Often hilarious, always informative. Rhett Miller on Hornblower Inspiration. Tue: Allegra Duchaine. Metalachi at The Casbah. Like are not meant to see or hear each other makes this Paterson, we are given the opportunity to observe moment all the more intimate.

You and your kind will help ensure that people like you will never, ever have political power in this country again. Dearest Esquire, I would like to thank you for once again perpetuating the undisputed truth that San Diego is a vapid cultural vacuum that has nothing to offer but Shamu and disappointing sports franchises.

OBL keeps the game going. Anyway, I bought the band's EP since I didn't have cash last time around. The show was initially inspired by Air Guitar competitions and has spread across the country and the world with a series of events in dozens of major cities and a World Finals event in Finland.

I made it to the show early because I wanted to make sure to catch both opening bands. The boys will be back in town this coming week and I highly recommend checking them out. And it is definitely good. The Padres Tailgate will take place on July 18,with two stages.

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Z-Trip at Music Box. Just a reminder that Friday is the last day to buy presale tickets to N. I have a lot to say about that and honestly I don't feel it reflects on the artists whatsoever, so I'll save it for another time.

  • Post by john Or was there some other reason for letting them go?
  • Saturday, June 27, O.

I see there is a bond there. It would explain a lot, actually. Anuhea at Music Box. Happy Friday! I guess there's a vibe that some bands have

Brandon jonez sex you in Chula Vista

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