Chemical castration of sex offenders treatment or punishment in Levy

Sex offender as homo sacer. Do means matter morally? This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Sexually Coercive Behavior: Understanding and Management. Fifth, we assume that chemical castration will be continued only so long as there are no serious side-effects. Castration has not only been done as a form of punishment or ritual, it also has a role in therapy.

Moreover, chemical castration appears to be ineffective in antisocial or psychopathic sex offenders who do not suffer from paraphilia Berlinand certain comorbidities may preclude effective intervention in individuals with paraphilia Saleh and Guidry There are at least two problems with this argument, however.

Some of the side-effects related to the drug besides decreased sexual urges are: a loss of body hair, hot and cold flashes, impotence, depression, thrombosis, and weight gain. Crime Sentencing Treatment Sex offenders. History Compulsory surgical castration has been practised for thousands of years for various purposes, including as a criminal punishment Heim and Hursch It is always YOUR responsibility to register.

Chemical castration of sex offenders treatment or punishment in Levy

About this article. It is to be hoped that more work will be done in this area in the future [ 18 ]. Imagine that the authorities only have the following three options.

Unsubscribe failed. If, for instance, natural, non-pathological changes in brain chemistry, as a person ages, result in a somewhat decreased desire to engage in violent or risky behaviour we would not consider this a threat to agency [ 16 ].

McMillan, J. All rights reserved. The abandonment of corporal punishment of adults and the growing opposition to the corporal punishment of children is particularly relevant to the question at issue—the acceptability of the mandatory injection of prisoners.

Chemical castration of sex offenders treatment or punishment in Levy

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