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It was found that a large majority of them were pure misadventure, which it is impossible to guard against. It arose from the dismissal of motormeu and conductors without previous notioe. He was taken to London and tried at Westminster for treason.

Complaint is made as to danger to workmen on buildings from contact with electric wires and from the use of cast-iron bolts in scaffolding-brackets, and it is suggested that regulations or amending legislation should provide for these defects in the provisions made for the workers' safety.

I have the honour to submit herewith my report on the'work of the Department in the Christchurch District for the year ending the 31st day of March,

john tillett sex offender in Palmerston

The huge volume of Ripper letters, as well as their evidently varied styles and levels of literacy, suggests that a good number of people were assuming the Jack the Ripper persona on paper. Faotories Woman Inspector. A detailed report has been made by Mr. Great dissatisfaction has been frequently expressed by certain shopkeepers in this connection, the dissatisfied persons being those who have no desire to close their shops at an early hour, but who have had to do so by reason of the fact that a requisition signed by the majority compelled them to do so.

I Servants Registry Offices Act.

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The Servants' Kegistry Office Act. There has been a good demand for unskilled labour ; all local men being fully employed. It was also perfect to become the focus of esoteric theories and very strange suggestions such as the one made by Chance. For the last three years the overtime worked in the chief cities is shown in the following table The prices obtained for wool-shipments fell far below those of two years ago, and frozen meat also has been disappointing as to results of sales.

I was comparatively new to the work of general supervision, having filled the position of Deputy Chief Inspector for only a few months ; however, the ready and willing assistance of the other responsible officers of the Department enabled me to carry out my duties without any difficulty.

During the year seventeen unions of employers and forty-seven unions of workers were registered, having a membership of and 1, respectively, or a total of sixty-four unions with 1, members. Many businesses are now closing at hours fixed, under section 21 of the Act, by a majority of the shopkeepers themselves in their respective trades ; also some businesses, such as grocers, are working under awards of the Arbitration Court, which award provides that women engaged in the trade must be paid equal wage with men.

A very fine set of the photographs showed our co-operative workers at work, including one depicting newly arrived English navvies with their families, and another of a party engaged on our rough but picturesque colonial railways and roads. The extensive building operations in the first and second class towns, and drainage-works at places like Timaru and Nelson, account for the ease with which surplus labour has been provided with employment.

James Mackay, who had filled the position with such signal and marked ability, and whose uniform courtesy and large-heartedness endeared him to every member of the staff throughout the Dominion.

John tillett sex offender in Palmerston

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