Masters of sex pilot soundtrack to guardians in Bristol

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Let's start by dealing with the elephant in the room. Sarah Hughes' episode recap: Bill Masters' scientific curiosity has finally morphed into a full-blown obsession. And yes, because they're set in the same era, there are superficial similarities in look and feel, but Masters of Sex has very different concerns.

Masters of Sex recap: season one, episode nine — Involuntary. I'm no romantic but "we should screw in order to ensure we don't start fancying our patients and skewing our data" is one of the more unusual chat-up lines out there. She's the yin to Masters' yang, the Mulder to his Scullythe person who can lend an air of humanity to the scientific proceedings.

Sarah Hughes: Has the show lost its hero this week with Masters' decision to collude with Dr DePaul and potentially deny Virginia her degree?

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Reuse this content. Quote of the week "That's the sort of sex you have when you're married or on your honeymoon — or with a prostitute. Johnson, played with just the right amount of sassiness and sex by Lizzy Caplanis warm, empathetic and apparently completely at ease with her own sexuality.

Sarah Hughes's episode blog: Does this new period drama, telling the story of pioneering sex scientists William Masters and Virginia Johnson, offer full satisfaction? Sarah Hughes' episode recap: Virginia's ex-husband is back in town — and he's not the only one besotted with her and her charms.

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Masters of sex pilot soundtrack to guardians in Bristol

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