Sex chromosomes and sex determination in Phoenix

A conserved mutation in an ethylene biosynthesis enzyme leads to andromonoecy in melons. Genome Res. PLoS Sex chromosomes and sex determination in Phoenix. Gene prediction in eukaryotes with a generalized hidden Markov model that uses hints from external sources. The oil palm region homologous with the fusion breakpoint is located between a Myblike and a cytidine deaminase-like gene, but the date palm Y-linked cytidine deaminase has moved from this syntenic region Fig.

Draft genome of the kiwifruit Actinidia chinensis.

Rapid de novo evolution of X chromosome dosage compensation in Silene latifoliaa plant with young sex chromosomes. Picq S. Khadka D. Sex chromosomes and sex determination in Phoenix sequence in the Y-linked region may evolve male-specific kmers without being involved in sex determination.

After the PAR1, the diversity should drop off like a cliff, but instead, looks instead like a slow rolling hill, which could result in an increase in the number of X-linked disorders.

Sex chromosomes and sex determination in Phoenix

Phylogenetic analysis of genes was conducted on de novo assembled sequences for each species where possible. Nixon RW Immediate influence of pollen in determining the size and time of ripening of the fruit of the date palm.

Content analysis of this region suggests that it is enriched for repeats, has low gene density, and contains few candidate sex-determining genes.

As expected for an XY sex determination system, kmers specific to males maintained counts through all species tested while female-specific kmers disappeared after requiring presence in more than eight species. Thomson, J. Coba de la Pena Authors S. The role of these genes in Phoenix remains to be investigated.

This SCAR marker was later found to correspond to a high-copy transposable element that is present in both sexes [ 30 , 43 ], and is thus of limited utility beyond the sexing of pre-reproductive individuals see [ 32 ].

Sex chromosomes and sex determination in Phoenix

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