Single sex education is better than co-education in Sydney

They form friendships based on shared interests. We would rather invest billions of dollars to shave a few minutes on our way to the airport, rather than make existing railway tracks safe. I see no reason to change my opinion. Go with your gut — you know your child.

When studies have shown a difference between performance and outcomes for single-sex and co-ed schools, says educational psychologist Prof Andrew Martin of University of New South Wales, the effect sizes are not large. John Bye, Elwood. The Atar and system of university admissions promotes the ascendance on academic achievement, say Gill and Vallance.

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This is the co-institutional approach. Perhaps not. The conversation becomes about learning, not being liked. Boys tend to soften their competitive edge and become more collaborative in a single-sex setting. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

But although there are some indicators that girls at same-sex schools have more confidence in discussions, there is actually no consistent evidence showing that same-sex students achieve higher grades. Co-education does have the advantage of being politically acceptable, however.

Victorians will soon be allowed house guests. Back to top. We need to integrate males and females at all levels Chris Middleton's suggestions for addressing issues of gender and sexuality in boys' schools, such as reciprocal student visits and the like, tinker at the edges.

Professor Eliot said that according to the research, segregation of the sexes may in fact hinder learning as a whole. Print text only. Fifty-six years on and Australia still does not have a fast train or even a classy train, yet we like to believe we are up there with any country in the world as far as technology and innovation is concerned.

Single sex education is better than co-education in Sydney

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